CRM (Customer Relations Manager)



CRM (Customer Relation Manager)

CRM is an application to manage prospective customers or commonly called Leads which helps the sales team carry out activities, such as suspects, prospects, and hot prospects until the transaction reaches deal and orders has been delivered.

Sales activities can also be monitored by Supervisors, making it easier for all sales process documents to be viewed in real-time to perform tasks efficiently, as well as increase customer satisfaction and sales productivity. e.g Hasjrat Sales Assistant Application



CRM (Customer Relation Manager)

CRM adalah aplikasi yang digunakan untuk mengelola calon customer atau bisa disebut Leads yang membantu tim sales melakukan aktifitas, seperti suspect, prospect, hot prospect, hingga transaksi selesai hingga pengiriman selesai.

Aktifitas sales tersebut juga dapat dimonitoring oleh Supervisor sehingga mempermudah semua proses dokumen penjualan yang dapat dilihat secara real – time untuk melakukan tugas secara efisien, serta meningkatkan kepuasan pelanggan dan produktivitas sales.

Seperti Aplikasi Hasjrat Sales Assistant.